About Us

About Us

Love love breeder, cat and dog friends

Perhaps you've met before on several exhibitions and trade fairs and could make use of these real "professional products," a picture.
Of course, our products have been tested and evaluated as positive. Even we have had a dog breed and know the many problems that arise. Especially with the breeding of cats and dogs is hygiene a must. So we had the idea of producing a product that practically, it is believed good and looks good.
By 2001 we had a home textile business and therefore have great experience with materials, fiber combinations and stitching.
Mats, beds, pads, cuddly caves, tunnels and cage assemblies are made of our own making. But we always talk about "a product". This high-quality and very practical material basiet especially on cotton, polyester . The ratio is at 50:50. The fiber length is about 10mm. This unique material is accurate to pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets, etc. matched. We have discussed this long and hard with the producers and have found out a great result. Just the right mix!
This cotton blend fabric is so extremely durable, and warmth-absorbent. The moisture problem you have with our products fully under control, because for most products we use a special coating to the moisture to pass through difficult, also, our textile products by beautiful stable.
All our products come to you with no middlemen. A great financial advantage for you!
Shop is not quite complete, but this change we want! We strive to expand our product mix more and more. Who knows we have long known that we have made great Enwicklung in recent years. And this is far from enough. We are on course development! We still have big plans!
Visit us on exhibitions in many European countries.

I wish you and your animals have fun and good luck

Your Silvia Gizinski


Our quality of Silvia Gizinski katzen- deko.de

You may recognize our name labels on each product. On these labels, our name (S. Gizinski) and not only that, you also always washing instructions on the other hand, with it. So you can always and everywhere recognize our products.