Cat cave egg
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Cat cave egg

Microfiber, cotton - washable at 60 ° C.

Microfibre polar bear - washable at 40 ° C

Suitable for tumble dryers.

Silicone filling.

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Ein perfektes Versteck! 

Diese Höhle ist geformt wie ein Ei und bietet auf der Katzenausstellung sowie Zuhause ein kuscheliges Versteck. 

Auf einer Katzenausstellung können Sie Ihre Katze auch damit zum Richten tragen, es bildet (vor den Bauch gehalten) eine Art Tragetasche. 


A perfect hiding place!

This cave is shaped like an egg and offers a cozy hiding place at the cat show and at home.

At a show you can also use it to bring your cat to the judge (held in front of the stomach). it forms a kind of carrier bag.


Une cachette parfaite!

Cette grotte a la forme d'un œuf et offre une cachette confortable à l'exposition féline et à la maison.

Lors d'une exposition, vous pouvez également l'utiliser pour le transport jusqu au jugement , il forme une sorte de sac de transport (tenu devant le ventre).


Here you can see the sample photos of our fabrics and colors.

Microfiber and cotton can be machine washed at 60 ° C and are suitable for drying.

The polar bear in microfibre is machine washable at 30 ° C. Tip! This fabric is very, very soft! Pure luxury!

it is best to rinse outdoor fabrics with clean water. In difficult cases, machine washable.


microfiber nature white

microfiber grey 

microfiber dark grey 

 microfiber brown (chestnut)

cotton nature white

 cotton honey 

cotton light blue 

cotton blue

 cotton dark red 

 cotton grey 

cotton light rose

 microfiber yellow

microfiber light blue

microfiber blue 

 Microfiber light rose

microfiber magenta

microfiber coral red 

microfiber violet

 microfiber green

microfiber dark green

microfiber leopard 1

microfiber leopard 2

 microfiber leopard 3

microfiber giraffe

microfiber zebra

 microfiber tiger pink

Microfiber black

 Polar bear microfiber 14mm natural white (super soft touch)

 polar bear microfiber 14mm taupe (super soft touch)

polar bear microfiber 14 mm sand(super soft touch)

 outdoor blue

 outdoor green

 outdoor miliitary

Choose between :

  • Standard natural colour:

Here the woods are impregnated with transparent parquet varnish. The wood color remains natural.

The sisal remains natural.

Example Pictures:

  • Black Edition:

These woods are elegantly painted black.

The sisal is dyed black.

Example Pictures: