Flower basket
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Flower basket

A beautiful and lovely design!

This bed for pets is cute and cozy.  Whether at home as a place to lie down, it is very decorative or as a perfect photo motif.

The handle and the base are filled with firmly fixed foam. The high edge is softly filled with silicone fibers.

Please see the description for exact dimensions.

You can wash it whole and put it in the dryer.

You can find our selection of fabrics and colors under the description!

The base is round and could also be attached to a scratching post. It can be made with Velcro on the underside (see options field) Please note that the Velcro dots (for sticking to smooth surfaces) must be ordered separately and are not automatically included. These have the item number 1448

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* da unsere Produkte handgemacht sind können Maße abweichen
* because our products are handmade the measures can be different
* notre produits sont fait a la mains. Les mesures sont pas exactement

Here you can see the sample photos of our fabrics and colors.

Microfiber and cotton can be machine washed at 60 ° C and are suitable for dryer.

The polar bear in microfibre is machine washable at 30 ° C. Tip! This fabric is very, very soft! Pure luxury!

it is best to rinse outdoor fabrics with clean water. In difficult cases, machine washable.


Microfiber nature white

Microfiber grey

Microfiber dark grey

Microfiber brown

Microfiber blue

Microfiber light blue

Microfiber baby pink

microfaser altrosaMicrofiber old rose

Microfiber purple

Microfiber yellow

Microfiber magenta

Microfiber coral red

Microfiber light green

Microfiber dark green 

Microfiber black

 Microfiber eopard 1

Microfiber  leopard 2

 Microfiber  leopard 3

 Microfiber  giraffe

Microfiber  zebra

Microfiber tiger pink

Cotton nature white

Cotton honey

Cotton grey 

Cotton dark red

Cotton light blue 

Cotton blue

Cotton rose

Microfiber polar bear 14mm natural white (super soft touch!)

Microfiber polar bear 14mm taupe (super soft touch!)

Microfiber polar bear 14mm sand (super soft touch!)

Microfiber polar bear 14mm leo grau (super soft touch!)

Microfiber polar bear 14mm black (super soft touch!)

Outdoor dark blue

Outdoor green

Outdoor military

Choose between :

  • Standard natural colour:

Here the woods are impregnated with transparent parquet varnish. The wood color remains natural.

The sisal remains natural.

Example Pictures:

  • Black Edition:

These woods are elegantly painted black.

The sisal is dyed black.

Example Pictures: