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ATTENTION SPECIAL PRICE! These mats are washable at 95 ° C and can be tumble dried. They are ideal for giving birth, for rearing or for any other purpose where hygiene is important. Available in many sizes and 2 colors. These mats are no longer produced after they have been sold. It is a second choice and can contain small optical defects. So grab it while stocks last!
Windowsill pillow Economy
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Cats love to sit on the windowsill and look outside. But since it can quickly get very cold and uncomfortable there, we have developed a pillow here. This is our "Economy" version. WASHABLE 95 ° C and suitable for tumble drying. Made from a 20mm high microfiber. It is a very dense and soft material. That is why this pillow is not filled. This article is only available in snow white. We also have a Luxus (4201) and Elegance (4202) version which is available in many colors. The underside is provided with a Velcro velor and the Velcro points (for sticking on smooth surfaces) are included.
Pillow velcro
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This pillow is very suitable for houses, beds, scratching post bowls etc. It has a bottom made of Velcro velor and can therefore be attached with Velcro points or Velcro tape. We use this pillow inside our sisal houses (item number 1210) Here we have the 45 cm version inside the standard cave and the 50 cm inside the XL size. It is extremely washable and also suitable for tumble drying. Please note that the Velcro points (for gluing on smooth surfaces) have to be ordered separately and are not supplied automatically. These have the article number 1448