Scratching post Parts

Sisal cord /meter
Sisal: Ø12mm thick. Best quality. Very hard.
Poly hemp: Ø10 mm waterproof  SISAL CALCULATOR
From €0.92
Velcro points 48mm (8 pieces)
Here you will find Velcro points 48 mm for sticking on smooth surfaces.
A set includes 8 self-adhesive points.
You can glue these to wood, window sills and the like to then attach beds and pillows with Velcro.
Please clean and degrease the surface and then stick the Velcro points on. You can use a pillow directly, but you should not take it off for 24 hours so that the dots adhere well for the future.
Fiberglass rod (GRP)
This is a fiberglass rod 4 mm for reinforcing caves.
It can be stretched inside a cave.
If you are unsure which size you need, order one size larger. You can carefully cut the stick at home. The cap would then have to be glued again.
We would also be happy to cut a different size for you.
From €3.45
Hammock for baby tree
This is a replacement cover for our baby tree with article number B35
The hammock is available in all colors and is washable.
So the babies have a lot of fun playing and you can be sure that everything is hygienically clean.
From €14.71
So the fun can start immediately!
From €16.80
Sisal column 12cm
Diameter 12cm.Wooden heads.10mm screw connection.Noble sisal, 11 / 12mm.
ATTENTION: This column is not our standard diameter! Our trees need 14 cm in diameter. We use these 12 cm columns for baby trees and the seesaw (article number W50)
From €18.07