Scratching posts wood

Column for wall Ø 14 cm
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Sisal columns for the wall! Great fun for cats and space saver. You can mount these columns directly on the wall. Our columns are wrapped with the best quality sisal rope (12mm). Inside we use a 10 mm (M10) thread. Your cats can safely climb and hold on with their claws. The set includes the column, the wooden cover with screw and a combination screw with dowel. Please note the information in the description below. Price = 1 piece (1x column, 1x cover and matching screws)
Wall scratching board
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A nice scratching board for wall mounting. We have 2 variants: - For attachment to a flat surface - To cover a corner With this board you can create a space-saving scratching opportunity or protect areas that your cats like to use for scratching. It has a nice length, so the animals can stretch out nicely. It is equipped with 2 brackets for attachment. They are flexible in their attachment. Please note that no screws are supplied with it. Please adapt these to the material of your wall etc.
Cat tree Zossen
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Little space, lots of effect! This is a small scratching post with a cozy place to sleep. Our columns are wrapped with the best quality sisal rope (12mm). They have a diameter of 14 cm The wood consists of robust multiplex beech and is impregnated with parquet varnish. The bed (50cm in diameter) is washable and suitable for tumble drying. This means that this scratching post is hygienic and harmless to the health of humans and animals. ATTENTION! The base plate is 50 cm x 50 cm with a column length of 30 cm - 80 cm. From 90 cm - 120 cm we will send you a base plate 59.5 cm x 59.5 cm